Graduation Exhibition

Relief Objects, Prints, videos and sculpture
by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 1992

Graduation exhibition view, 1992.
Left to Right:
What kind of idea (wood, glass, mixed media),
Your honour (etching on 19 layers of card),
That extreme egoism (slide projection),
Replaced text (film & metal plate),
and Latency (silkscreen print).

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artwork by Sonja van Kerkhoff
Eva was hier (Eve was here) 1992,
30 x 40 x 10 cm.
A piece of cord painted in gradual shades of red to pink to white hangs from a pink pin, on a soft board, painted in gradual shades of green.
The words, ´Eva was hier´, are pencilled in at the bottom of the board. This work was a response to discovering the work of Eva Hesse and the realisation that there was art, a lot of it, being made now, not only by women, but art that went beyond the dictates of modernism. Eve had been and had left her mark in the garden.

Relief objects by Sonja van Kerkhoff   

Left: What Sort of Idea and right: Your honour
Academy of Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition,
Maastricht, 1992

Latency, silkscreen, 1992.

Ssilkscreen on paper, Edition of 15
50 x 45 cm. € 300,-

lithograph inside a perspex frame by Sonja van Kerkhoff      
A Wild animal feeds her young, 1992,
lithograph on paper inside a perspex form, 50 x 40 x 10cm.

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This lithograph inside a custom-made transparent frame is a self portrait as a mother of a young child. One of a number of self-portraits where the idea of an 'object' (in the sense of both objectifying and the materializing of the) portrait is questioned.

A related painting is: Portrait of the artist as a bottled peach.

With this work you could ask yourself, is any mother a wild creature when it comes to nurturing, or is nurture cultured or part of human nature?

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