The opening   (May 6th 2001)

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Top left on wall: Photograph by Coskun Dogruluk
The drain pipe: Houses above water by Jacqueline Wassen
Rose Window: Red flower form : Jessy Rahman

Lamp: Collage by Joke Elzinga
Lower Windows: The Gifts of Time Mail art project + performance
On the ground: Black Snail-forms

BELOW: An overview

Rose window, red flower form: Jessy Rahman

Left lamp:
, collage: Joke Elzinga

Lower Windows, The Gifts of Time Mail art project + performance

Right lamp, glass objects: Liz Coats

Far corner, 6 images: Richard Paton

Top right wall, calligraphy: Janita Appa

Ground, black snail-forms: Sen, Sonja + Jacqueline

Child in ball, performance: Tamatea

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Left to Right: Left windows
: Gifts of Time mail art project
Lamp just visible on the left of the windows: Collage by Joke Elzinga The Netherlands.
Top of drainpipe right side of the window & along pipe on the wall: Snails by Tamatea McGlinn-van K
In far corner half up the walls: 6 images from "Prayer Wall" by Richard Paton
, U.K.
Calligraphy along the top of the wall: Excerpt from the "Hidden Words" by Janita Appa, U.K.
Canvas buds in the tree furtherest on the left: Sonja van Kerkhoff
Paintings hanging from the tree near the wall: Painting in 5 parts by Alexis Hunter, U.K.
Teepees on the ground between three trees: "Whither Home" by Lee Ann Wilson, U.S.A.

Batik wrapped around a branch by Margaret Nagawa, Uganda.
Snail tied to a branch by Tamatea McGlinn-van K
Cloth butterflies along a tree trunk: "Generic Butterflies" by New Zealand artist, Jill Studd.
Small images by various artists in the lattrice structures against the walls. Click on these for details.

Sculptures in garden near the visitor:
CDrom "Nature bites back":
Paul Meeuwesse, Birdhouse by Rachel Bacon, Cloth Butterflies in tree by Jill Studd, Stone sculpture by Hanneke van Buitenen, 'Fat' Ball in tallest tree by Merle Andersson, Masks in trees by Sonja van Kerkhoff
Under the lamp by Glass sculpture by Liz Coats, Ceramic tiled dress-form on far right: "Memorials" by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn
Seats and laid across the paved bricks: The "Dans le jardin des beaux arts" snail-forms by Sonja, Sen + Jacqueline

The first trellis along the main wall. Click to view details.

Postcard by Myriam Bargetze. Postcard by Geoff Broadway.