Alexis Hunter, U.K.

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Five painted panels.

Alexis Hunter's (U.K.) painting made for this show is divided into five panels and hangs and turns, a little like a wind chime, from the branches. On one side painterly words musing on theory and practice run along the strips, mixed with expressionist colours suggestive of exits or entrances.
On the other side of these panels, words speaking of Pandora's gifts and patriachal fables run -against the grain- across the panels over an image of a woman who seems both larger than real and more nature then natural, gazing into a open container
. Painting by Alexis Hunter

On one side pinks, vivid blues and browns dominate, contrasting with the natural greens of the foliage, while the light
green-skinned Pandora on the other side, with a background of deep greens, blends with nature. The work like the theme of our installation plays with and against nature.