Prints 1990 - 92

by Sonja van Kerkhoff

Rewriting the script, 1990
Lithograph, 30 x 50 cm. Edition of 13.

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Carrying a message, 1992
Lithograph and silkscreen print.
20 x 40 cm. Edition of 13.

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All art carries a message, as does history. In this image, a figure enters the house-shaped space carrying the words "Carrying a message" and it is intended to be read tongue-in-cheek. The use of thin graceful lines and soft colours give a sense of the poetic while the cartoon-like figuration, and the choice of subject matter, add a touch of humour. Various messages (with religious overtones) are suggested in the drawings of a woman holding up a circle, the priest holding up the host, a lying (dying) figure, the kneeling figure, or in the two gesturing figures.

Fertile, (Vruchtbaar), 1992,
Lithograph and silkscreen print.
31 x 40 cm. Edition of 15. € 350 - 500,- depending on the paper.

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Found Objects, 1992
30 x 40 cm. Edition of 23. € 350 - 500,- depending on the paper.

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Offering, 1992
Lithograph and silkscreen print, 30 x 11 cm.
Edition of 15.
5 available not framed on various types of paper. € 350 - 200,- depending on the paper.

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