Your goal: I've a broad knowledge of various web-possibilities and a network (of programmers + designers for projects beyond me.
Although I have a masters in Computer Science I am a poor programmer and don't even try to compete. My strengths are in communication (understanding the possibilities and how to communicate these to a programmer (if one is needed), planning and design.
Indicate in your email what you want, your aims, your audience.

Wordpress: design for a non-profit >
Adapting free templates: in the land sculpture | Tahora Sculpture event
My art theory / review / events blog
My fee starts at 400 Euros or NZ$600 for a design for a free wordpress space.
Lessons are extra.

Flash 8: Animations, simple games and quizzes.
A basic drag and drop game starts at 400 Euros. Een voorbeeld in Nederlands

HTML + css: any form or style of (dynamic) webpage or website. I also give lessons.

Photoshop or GIMP: image creation and adaption.

Indesign: basic skills in page layout. I have more experience in Scribus (Scribus?)

JavaScript: basic skills for simple scripting and simple games.

Premiere: basic video editing. Examples on vimeo

Audacity: basic sound editing / creation. Soundscapes: 2014 | 2009

Dutch to English Translation: the basic rate is 14 cents per word. Overnight or weekend work is more, depending on what the material is >> Academic Text Services or send me an email.

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