Proposal for The Bookworm website portal

One side is an image for a future website for younger children and the left is an animation where books open if you roll your mouse over them, showing a screenshot and title for a television programme.

Every few seconds a worm passes through, unbalancing the books.

The assignment was for a playful design as an alternative to the idea that reading was a passive activity.

Fading Roses

A two minute animation for the song Fading Roses by Kath Tait.
The sound quality needed to be high and run smoothly, so the animation needed to be very light. Hence my choice for simple vector drawings and elements that could be recycled keeping this animation suitable for slower connections. The sound and animation are always in sync and the preloader ensures that playback is always smooth.

Sorry folks, still too busy with work projects to finish this page!
It'll be worth it when I do :)