Take Care Tiakina
Artist Zoom Sessions

48 minute 32 second video by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2022

     video with soundscape by Sen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff
still : Jummadi speaks
     video with soundscape by Sen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff
still : Chiara speaks

Using zoom as a medium.

In January, February, and August 2021 I hosted zoom sessions with 30 artists in 12 different countries where artists discussed their work and life under lockdown.

This video features just the artists living outside of Aotearoa New Zealand along with some images from the March 2021 Take Care exhibition.
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In order of appearance:
Jumaadi Sydney, Australia / Yogyakarta, Indonesia

1:27 Choreographies of in-between-ness | He tito nekehanga a waenga - an interactive wall projection by Sonja van Kerkhoff featuring short videos of these 14 artists in the BETWEENLAND show curated by Jade Morgan and Maggie Buxton

2:00 Chiara Rubino, Matera, Italy. The photographic works made jointly with Cathy Carter appear briefly.

4:22 Choreographies of in-between-ness | He tito nekehanga a waenga

5:35 Nawruz Paguidopon, Manila, The Philippines

8:49 Shaeron Caton Rose North Yorkshire, U.K.

10:58 Lloyd Lawrence, New York city, U.S.

13:38 Ayaa Musuya, Uganda / Canada.
Still from the interactive work made with Regan Balzer

18:14 Aodhán Floyd, Cork, Ireland. The work made with Sen McGlinn is shown

20:17 Emma Papadopoulos, Athens, Greece

24:33 Masud Olufani, Atlanta, U.S. Images of the joint works made with Ursula Christel are shown.

27:13 Pietertje van Splunter, The Hague, The Netherlands
A kinetic work by Phil Dadson made in response to her work is shown.

30:33 Jessy Rahman, The Hague, The Netherlands
The joint work, The Shaman and the Healing tree made with Sonja van Kerkhoff is shown.

34:35 Xiaojie Zheng, San Francisco U.S / Wenzhou, China

43:57 Robert Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

45:33 Narjis Mirza, Sydney, Australia / Pakistan
The installation Nukta made with Michelle Mayn is shown.

48:08 Martin Wohlwend, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
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