The Poetic Condition | De Dichterlijke Aard

Curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff

The Shutter Room, 7 Rust Ave (opp. the public library entrance), Whangarei
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Inge Reisberman | Christiaan van Tol | Lisa Clunie | Ellen Smith | Marg Morrow
Megan Dickinson | Elektra Bakhshov
Pietertje van Splunter | Thom Vink | Sanne Maes | Channa Boon | Anne Wellmer
Martje Zandboer | Sonja van Kerkhoff

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Bird of Prey, video + drawing by Sanne Maes,
The Hague.

The Poetic Condition | De Dichterlijke Aard looks at today's big questions as an aesthetic exercise where these artists from The Netherlands and Aotearoa / New Zealand, explore, respond or extend the theme of our human nature and the relevance of the aesthetic of poetic intervention to the self, socio-political or society. They use a wide range of media and approaches to 'big questions' (who are we, how do we live, how do we think about others or relate to the news), so that the exhibition as a whole is like an installation encompassing diversities of vision.

Some artworks are poetic selections relating to contemporary news, such as Channa Boon's video, "Et in Arcadia ego" or Christiaan van Tol's drawings of Dutch news headlines while Sanne Maes' distilled self-portrait video/drawing connects our existence with the natural world.

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Et in Arcadia ego, 29 minute video,
by Channa Boon, The Hague.
Still at 22 min.

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Drawing the News, 2016 - a selection from the blog, "TEKENINGEN NAAR FOTO'S UIT KRANTEN -iedere dag een tekening" 12 printouts, by Christiaan van Tol

In 2005 Christiaan van Tol started making each morning inspired by a photograph of news of the day. These printouts are selection of one image per month made by Sonja van Kerkhoff.

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Right to Left, works by Sannes Maes + Christiaan van Tol

The news items are
in Dutch

Jan: ADO is a Hague professional soccer club owned by the Chinese businessman Hui Wang
Feb: Samuel Willenberg was the last survivor of the Treblinka extermination camp in Poland.
March: Hooligans disturb a Belgium commemoration after the attacks, what connects the Belgian people?
April: Mali photographer, Malick Sibide dies.
May: A virtual reality restaurant in Utrecht has 800 reservations.
June: Christiaan was in Italy and so his news was in a foreign language. He notes that this man is wearing two watches.
July: Reclaiming the land: An Iraqi soldier carries IS home made bom to a truck for transport to be put in storage
Aug: Kim Dotcom's appeal against his extradition from New Zealand is broadcast on the internet.
Sep: Research on bird flu in the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam
Oct: Europe sells unclean petroleum to Africa. UN environmental rep. June Akumu lobbies for stricter rules.
Nov: Being alarmist is an excuse for doing nothing about the world. A man in his survival boat prepared for the end of the world.
Dec: A girl in Italian depressed town of Sesto San Giovanni states that she didn't know that there had been a referendum because she doesn't have a television.

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Triptych photographic print on dubond
by Inge Reisberman, Leiden

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