"Clothing Included"

Performances, Film, Interactive & Installation

Sonja van Kerkhoff

Like many contemporary artists, Sonja van Kerkhoff works with a broad range of media and approaches. This illustrated talk of installations, paintings, performance and video focuses on works that incorporate clothing in diverse ways. "The Anatomy Lesson" literally uses a child's shirt, while the video, "Transit" is a fashion statement in red set in Taranaki High-country. The clothes she wears in her performances are costumes for the persona in each performance. She will discuss a few of her performance works in this context.

She works in diverse media and so she will discuss how clothing was a important choice of material for particular works. "Memorials" is a dress created out of house-shaped tiles fitted for the artist, but it is a dress that cannot be easily worn. In fact it is a dress that needs to be removed. In the video/installation "Wrapping for a Marginal Citizen," the wrapping (a long cloth bearing multiple images of her eldest son as a baby) is a type of cloak which is a vehicle for embracing multiple voices.

Transit in a green landscape, video/happening, Tahora, Taranaki, Aotearoa | New Zealand

Tabula Rasa, performance involving seven artists, London, U.K.

Change is a Law of Nature, performances in the U.K., Santa Monica, U.S.A. + South Korea

The Anatomy Lesson, acrylic on a child's shirt

Wrapping for a marginal citizen, silkscreen on a 12 metre long cloth.

Movement for Mother and Child, performance, London, U.K.

Wrapped, and at home, performances, installation + video, Wiebke Morgan Gallery, London, U.K.

Foundations | Funderingen, 2002, photographic-text image.

Memorials, ceramic tiles in the form of a dress + "fairytale".

A Tangled Tale, batik sculptural object.

Moving On, interactive screen with sound.

Greetings from Leiden 2009, performance, Nicosia, Cyprus

Caravan to Istanbul, performance, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Dress It, engraved, shaped and painted wood

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