19 Gay Men and The Throne of God

5 min 10 sec, video with music and a soundscape

by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2017

  video still
Still at 2 min, 18 sec.

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Still at 4 min, 51 sec.

The video is both a lament and a celebration. The men walk with the stunning backdrop of mountainous south island New Zealand beyond. The pace matches the rhythm of a traditional Shaker hymn on loss and one's place in the universe. Where is this throne of God? The here and now? The future? Or perhaps an ideal place where diversity reigns.

Music: Bright Morning Star (Trad., arr. Bousfield) from The Gazebo Girls' (Penni Bousfield + Janet Muggeridge) CD, The Ragged Edge.

Sounds: include the purerehua (bullroarer) performed by Jerome Kavanagh, field recordings, and New Zealand birdsong.

Location: North of Glenorchy, during the 2015 Toto Tours adventure in New Zealand / Aotearoa (tototours.com)

Performers: Dan, Don, Freddie, Frederick, Gene, Greg, Jeff, Jeff, Joe, Kurt, Mark, Massimo, Michael, Pete, Phillip, Richard, Steve and Will.
In absentia: Graham

Concept/sound/video: Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2017

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