Basic website: homepage, up to 10 pages,
up to 20 images, 600 - 1000 Euros.

Extras such as flash elements, sound / video and / or streaming, javascripting, etc, are possible.
View a few interactive elements (simple games start at 500 euros) in flash.

Installion made out of cast resin with a soundscape by Sonja van Kerkhoff
Hosting (web space) is possible for 75 Euros per year (60 without domain name registration) (includes: up to 20 MB, up to 4 times a year uploading new material, domain name registration, startup fee, one email address and advice with problems on the website). Other options are possible.

I recommend Jonah Winters who charges $15 per year for a domain name.

Some websites I've made:
  • The Living Creature
    Launched in 1999. An announcment for an exhibition I co-curated.

  • Arts Dialogue: www.bahai-library.org/bafa
    Launched in 1999, most of the site is in English, where artists are categorized under surname, by discipline and by country. Currently about 700 artist pages are on this site. Simple design with fairly neutral colours so art works look their best. Made for slow connections and designed for easy updating.

  • Asociación Bahá'í para las Artes:
    www.bahai-library.org/bafa/esp_casa.htm Launched in 2003.
    This is the Spanish part of the Arts Dialogue website.

  • Kath Tait: www.kathtait.com
    Launched in 2004, made for a London-based singer/songwriter. The music page has pop up windows for printable lyrics pages and some sound clips embedded in flash.

  • Elika Mahony: www.melodies-nightingale.com
    Launched in 2004, made for a Chinese-based singer/musiican. The music page has pop up windows for printable lyrics pages and some sound clips embedded in flash.

  • Heilige Huisjes: www.schooltv.nl/heilige_huisjes
    A Dutch language website about religion for 10 year olds for TeleacNOT (2003). Made in flash (and for medium to fast connections). I did the design and worked on the concept with two others. A programmer did most of the scripting.
    On entering the site, you are instructed to click on a bubble, and in doing so are taught to click on the illustrations. Then any horizontal mouse movement makes a horizontal line of children holding hands move across the screen. Between each child there is an object, (a book, a snail, roadsign arrows, a cloud, a flag, clasped hands and a speech bubble). Each is coated in symbols from various religions and each leads to a theme, such as "books" or "stories", which in turn lead to a page with some text and illustrations about that book or story.
    The site is playful and each level has a game, most made by myself.

  • Alan Muggeridge: kiwifolk.org.nz/artists/alanm
    Made for a New Zealand singer/musician who died in 2000. Styled to suit his personality with lots of photos (with enlargement options) as a memorial to a friend.

  • The Bahais of Leiden: www.sonjvank.com/bahais
    Still not finished, but the idea is a bilingual English-Dutch website where visitors get an idea of the Bahai Faith through perspectives of a community of individuals. Visitors can click on individual faces or follow the themes: "What is a Bahá´í", "Who is Bahá'ulláh", "Our community", "References" and "Activities". Elements link in various ways so the site can be navigated in diverse ways.

  • A smattering of games: www.schooltv.nl/hbb
    Play some games I've made. Click on the green archive cabinet and then on a theme button and then on the word "spel" (means game in Dutch). I've made many more games. A starting point is about 500 Euros for a matching pairs game.
    If you have an idea or theme, just ask for a quote.

  • Then there's the website about my own art
    There are many entrances. Below are three.
A guided tour
of my art
my art
sorted by medium
my c.v.
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