First Twitters

by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn, 2013

Small object by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn.
12 waterproof paper shapes, branch, cotton
45 x 30 x 5 cm

   First Twitters installed in Galerie de Pieter for the Cartoon and other art show

A section of the English text underneath:

The earth became a noisy place
in the Cretaceous Period,
145-66 million years ago,
when insects diversified
and 'modern' birds first appeared,
along with new types of dinosours,
marsupials and placental animals.
The presence of insects
led to the proliferation
of flowering plants and leafy trees.


2015    "BinnensteBuiten" (Inside Out)  Cronesteyn Park, Leiden, The Netherlands.
2013    "Kunst en ander(e) strips"
(Art and Other Cartoons)
  Galerie de Pieter, Leiden, The Netherlands. Curated by Christiaan van Tol.
2012    "Into the line of time"  SPLORE, Auckland Arts Festival, Tapapakanga Regional Park, Aotea | New Zealand
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